Women’s Fire


Dare the exciting adventure to be a woman
and express the beautiful potential of your unique being!

Firewomen  –  Women’s fire

Intense transforming 3-4 days workshop for women. Playing with fire, celebrating, healing, laughing, drumming and dancing on fire!

We learn to get to know ancient guardians of the fire, guardians of womenpower, wisdom and  divine life energy. We listen to stories and mythics about volcano-, light- and firegoddesses, spin and weave in the ancient web of womenpower.
To balance the firedragon we ritually honor as well the energyquality and importance of water, earth and air. We dive deeply into our soul and learn to free and harmonize the unbalanced fire aspects in daily life.
Where is your divine fire strong and shiny and where just a small piece of ember or ashes only?
Society often does not know how to deal with the firy and volcanic energy of women. Suppressed firepower will find a negative way to express through fear, anger, rave or/and disease.
During these days we create a sacred space where blocked energies are liberated and healed. The creativity of female fire power is acknowledged in the women s circle.

On the top energy level of these days we re-unite the power of our inner fire with the nurturing fire of the Goddess. In front of the glowing coals we dare to face the mighty Fire-Goddess, merge with her element through empowering our truth.
This is the sacred moment when the spirit of creativity overcomes borders and limiting belief systems. Now we remember: We can do possible the impossible! And so we walk and dance in beauty on the red hot glowing coals (voluntary)!

This female empowerment process  with the elemental force of fire and firewalk as extreme spiritual technique, is encompassed by shamanic drumjourney, visualisations, mental exercises, the firewomen´s fire-breathing and sharing rounds in a supportiv womencircle…

“Firewalking means to release fears and blockades,
to strengthen your body, mind, soul and spirit
and celebrate the joy of life!”

This unique workshop FirewomenWomen’s fire can be hold at any place or country which provides facilities to do fire! Please contact Eva to talk about your ideas, visions and wishes!

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