Teachers Eva & Mike

Eva & Mike

“We are honored to joyfully carry on the lineage of Firewalk Teachers,
in order to serve people´s growth into awareness and balance of true power.”

In March 2012 Eva and Mike have successfully completed the Firemaster Training at Vulcano Turrialba in Costa Rica. They had been given the title of  Master Instructor of International Firewalking, by Eight Directions/Sweden and Eagle Heart Center/USA.

They walk on hot glowing coals for more than 20 years. As Firewalk Master-Instructors and Engineers they have performed firewalk events in the last years throughout Europe, for public and private groups from 10 up to 600 people. An ongoing personal study and investigation is dedicated to refine the knowledge of firewalk – engineering.


“Many people facilitate firewalk, I live firewalk!”
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“Fire is the infinite source of my inspiration and creativity!”
Mike Edmond Makus born 1957 in Germany, lived and worked in Portugal for more than 20 years. He has been a self employed ecological oriented craftsman for more than 30 years. After a life challenging process with the destructive power of fire, he walked on a bed of red hot glowing coals for his own healing and transformation. Through this deep experience Mike became a Firewalk Instructor and Sweatlodge Keeper. Years later he earned the title Master Teacher of International Firewalk. Currently he lives in Switzerland.

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