The F.I.T. as a whole was comprehensive and presented in a holistic approach, covering not just firewalking but the firewalker! A highlight for me was to be with people who dont think Im mad, but understand “God” within the person. Mike is a great teacher, he has a voice of authority. Eva is so passionated about what she teaches that it is easy to listen and learn. Timing of exercises an layout of the course was perfect, and all in a beautiful location in Switzerland with very good food.

Howard H., Ireland, Coach, FIT participant

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all those experiences! I got more than I dreamed of and I promise I will do my best to pass this sacred knowledge on. The Firewalk Instructor Training was magnificent, truthful, mind broadening, challenging, great potential riser, very spiritual and a good impulse for personal developement. Eva and Mike as teachers are direct, motivating, helpful, share their knowledge and wisdom in a wonderful way while challenging participants to come to their own insights/consciousness. Very precious.

Jasmin W., Germany, Naturopath, FIT participant

The Firewalk Instructor Training took place on a great location, with perfect staff, FITting atmosphere! Eva and Mike show confident approach, life wisdom filled with love, experience and great spiritual capacity. A team that completes each other and is so much in love what makes everyone around them happy!

Bas S., Netherlands/Sweden, Designer, FIT participant

Das FIT Training war gut aufgebaut wie ein Gebäude aus innerer Kraft und Strenge. Aus der Vergangenheit auftauchende Schmerzen und Ängste wurden langsam und effizient abgebaut. Der 40 foot firewalk: unglaublich stark! Die Präsenz der Lehrer strahlt Sicherheit, Ruhe, Stärke und Liebe aus.

Tina C., Switzerland/Portugal, Astrologer, FIT participant

John Maisel Firemaster from Texas, USA

Seldom have I witnessed anyone with a more intimate relationship with the Fire.  I have personally witnessed Eva overcome challenges that few teachers could withstand.  She has a beautiful heart and extremely powerful Spirit rooted in the conviction of her heart.  If you have the opportunity to work or study with her don’t hesitate!

Fire Master John Maisel
Professional Member of the National Speakers Association
Founder of Eagle Heart Center in Friendswood, Texas USA

Tarika from Portugal

“Pela mão da Eva eu conheci e apaixonei-me pelo xamanismo… Eu morri e renasci na sweatlodge, eu conectei-me com o meu poder no firewalking, eu chorei e ri em cada partilha com esta Mulher maravilhosa… A doçura e a força que sinto na Eva são para mim uma inspiração e um modelo genuino e autêntico de Mulher…”
Tarika, nurse, Portugal/Brazil

Eva has an ability to show the path of shaman in a clear, integrated, real and very powerful way.”
Carlos N., Ophtalmologist, Portugal

Firewalking Instructor Training Teachers Rolf & Owsa Beckman from Sweden

“We have been Evas teachers but also her partners, colleagues and friends for many years, so we know whom we are talking about here. Eva walks and talks in harmony with spirit. Trusting her inner truth, she shares her teachings with love and respect for each individual in the group. Her healing powers are astonishing and something you never will forget. Evas knowledge from many traditions from all over the world comes together in her own, unique teachings. When you choose Eva as your teacher, you will have invited a higher level of power, health and focus into your world.”
FIT Master Teachers Owsa and Rolf Beckman, Sweden

“Eve is one of the most profound Master Instructors os Firewalking Instructor Training with more than substantial experience in FITs. I presonally RECOMMEND HER with all my heart as a perfect instructor to attend her training, and become certified as a Firewalking Instructor Trainer. On top of that Monte Canelas in Algarve Portugal is an amazingly beautiful place, so tranquil and peaceful, a perfect location for the event.”
Bence Laszlo Tarr, Hungary
Senior executive OD consultant trainer and Managing Director at NAPKAPU Organizational Development Group,
Master of Firewalking Instructor Training

“Falar da Eva, é contar uma história de admiração e gratidão. Admiração pela Xamã que ela é e pelos seus sábios ensinamentos, pela clareza com que passou para mim muito do que aprendeu na sua Vida. E de grande gratidão pela Grande Mulher e Amiga que sempre foi sempre que nos cruzámos neste Caminho Sagrado. Felizmente foram muitas vezes que precisei das suas sábias palavras, felizmente foram sempre ditas do Coração e recebidas por mim de braços abertos. Eva é a humildade, a sabedoria e a verdade que eu sempre procurei nas pessoas. Sou muito grato por ela aceitar o seu Dom e compartilhá-los com todos nós! Ahoo!!”
Prem Atmananda, Facilitator of Osho Meditations, Brazil

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