Sweatlodge Keeper Training


Sacred Sweatlodge: Purification – Healing – Renewal

Since thousands of years the ceremony of the Sacred Sweatlodge /Steambath is celebrated throughout our world in all native communities. Every tribe has its own traditions and manners to hold this ceremony. Always the Sweatlogde is a place of purification, liberation, dying and being reborn again through visions and prayers.

More than 25 years ago Eva was initiated by a Lakota Medicine Woman into the Sweatlodge Ceremony. Through many years she prayed in the Sacred Womb of Mother Earth with Sweatlodge Leaders of different traditions and learned to discover her path of being a Sweatlodge Keeper.

Sweatlodge Keeper Training

5 days and nights of intense training and growth on all levels of body, mind, soul and spirit !

For women and men who like to learn to lead a ceremony and be of service for others through the Sacred Sweatlodge. Also welcome are people who feel to surrender to a deep cleansing and transformation process of healing, growth and awareness.

The training contains:
Construction of sweatlodge, teachings to lead a sweatlodge ceremony, work with stones and wood, firebuilding, theory and practise of different types of sweatlodges, safety, energy circle, herbs mixtures and smudging, drumjourneys, songs, sharing of the teachers knowledge and experience from more than 25 years sitting regularly in the Sweatlodge /Sauna Sagrada /Inipi /Temazcal.

Teachings are undogmaticaly transmitted in respect towards any spiritual belief system, honoring the whole Circle of life. Lessons take place mostly outside, close to nature.
Accordingly you please bring cloths for any weather conditions.

After the training students are able to generate their personal creative art to express their own individual style of Sweatlodge Ceremony, in tune with their spiritual allies and in order to serve the benefit for the Circle of life.

Students get a certificate of the training.

Training for Keepers of the Sacred Sweatlodge Ceremony :  

22.4.2018  10 am  –  26.4.2018  ca.2 pm
at Guesthouse Omassim in Ericeira/Portugal (48km from Lisbon airport)

€  880.- per person

Earlybird until 28.02.2018:
€  680.- per person
Ask for a special price if you are portugues resident!

additional: food and lodging

This is a very intense training with irregular sleeping times and irregular food servings. Please take care of your physical and mental condition, before, during and after the training! If you are under medical treatment, get advice from your doctor and ask for information. You should only enrol the training when feeling healthy and ready to face and overcome the above mentioned challenges.

If you have any doubts dont hesitate to contact per email and explain your particular situation.

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