Training facility in south Portugal Algarve - Monte Canelas Monte Canelas
German speaking social youth project from Tanja Grandy in the Algarve/Portugal. The project is dedicated to individual pedagogic support and integrates many tools in the education and re-integration of the social difficult youngsters, f.ex. kitesurf, nature timeouts for teenagers, work on the farm,  individual schooling, sports challenges etc. The farm Quinta Monte Canelas is a beautiful charming property in algarvian landscape and hosts the  training ground for the Sweatlodge Keeper Training 2016 For more information look here!
Logo of Firewalking Europe Firewalking EU
The european firewalk site of Rolf and Owsa Beckman, Eight Directions/Sweden and partner organisation of Soul of Firewalk.
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Beautiful picture of Iris Lican perfomring Iris Lican
Oriental and organic movementof the fully self expressed woman and beautiful gifted artist Iris Lican, Portugal. Very powerful and inspiring Dance performances honoring the Goddess, professional dance trainings, tantric workshops, women circles, very strong picture gallery, etc.Discover Iris’ site here!

Empfehlenswerte Seite mit einer Vielzahl an Kursen, Ausbildungen, Quests und mehr für Frauen und Schamaninnen die dem Ruf der Erde folgen und diesen auf spannenden Reisen zu sich selbst ergründen wollen.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Als Teilnehmerin von Kursen, eigener Visionssuche in Lappland mit Women and Earth und jahrzehntelange Bekannte/Weggefährtin der Gründerin Susann Belz kann ich die Schule Women and Earth allen Frauen wärmstens empfehlen (p.s. bei einigen Veranstaltungen sind auch Männer zugelassen).
Webpages, illustrations, flyers etc. from the hand of the professional and very patient designer Sundari. If you want to give a face to your project, contact her. Languages english and portugues.
Sundari also facilitates workshops, active meditations and individual sessions in Portugal, “Love is the movement”. Energy, love, union, wings, roots, crystals, vibration, silence.

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