Firewalk AND Coaching

Individual process work with the transformational element of firewalk.
Empower your true Self and your awareness of being an active co-creater in life!

Firewalk AND Coaching is an intense personal growing process for people of all ages  in transitions and phases of life changes.
It is an appropriate work with deep impact, to close or begin a life circle, to purify and heal your system from a disease, to get clearity of where and who you are, to mark a point of growth, to gain awareness, to evolve on the level of body, mind, soul and spirit.

Besides of playing with the fire element and understanding the philosophy of firewalk including the 5 power points, we respect the whole circle of creation and all elemental forces. The firewalk serves as a powerful metaphor for your individual process you want to transform.
Firewalk AND Coaching is an undogmatic spiritual and practical path and not related to a particular religion or belief system. It is rooted in the ancient knowing and based upon any spiritual belief or practice, that life is a Sacred Hoop and we can all relate to one another and are responsible co-creators within the Universal Powers.

In the process of individual Firewalk AND Coaching, we are able to integrate a variety of tools and exercises to work on your needs, ideas and visions.
Such might be:
– always a special unique firewalk ceremony, created only for your purpose!
– walks in nature, medicinewalks, timeout in wilderness, vision quest
– creative atelier: herbs, intuitive painting, creating feather fans, drums, incense mixtures, dream catcher, shields, masks, etc
– mental work with affirmations and visionboards
– glasswalking, boardbreaking, ironbending
– sweatlodge ceremony

Minimum 2 up to 6 following days or according a personal agreement, pricing individual, let us know about your situation and ideas!


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