Art Project: “Firewalk on Art in Motion”

When Art and Fire merge, the flames of pure life will rise

and open portals of joy and inspiration!

The Project “Firewalk on Art in Motion©takes the experience of “Art exhibition”  a step further and on the next level:  the observers are invited to become an active part of the Fire Art event, to become Art in Motion.

The deeply inspiring and interactive art performance of “Firewalk on Art in Motion©  is a fusion of the natural element of fire and ancient techniques of firewalk and arises from a yearlong passion and experience with firebuilding, performing firewalk, firewalk engineering and art work on many levels.

The artist creates a firebuilding site along a  particular theme. The fire itself can be built in the shape of that theme, in the shape of a logo or a figure.
One up to several fires can be built and on top the artist might integrate a figure, statue or wooden sculpture.
The permanent ongoing universal flow of transformation and creation is expressed and acknowledged by lightening the firesculpture and burn it down to red hot glowing coals.
Through an introduction by an experienced Firewalk Master, the issues of walking on fire meet with the particular expression of the artists statement. Participating observers are now taking action and step into motion: they walk (voluntary) on the glowing coals of the transformed artwork and become with this action a part of the artwork. Limitless creation!

The firebulding for a firewalk needs to undergo special techniques and the artwork for “Firewalk on Art in Motion© can only be constructed with particular wood and firefriendly material that will be no danger for people when walking on the coals. This requires the professionality of firewalk engineers in order to set up a logistically save and successful event.

Book your Interactive Art Event “Firewalk on Art in Motion© with us! Fire is our passion and we have the professional knowhow. We manifest your visions of a high level interactive Art Event on Fire and assure you will get an unforgettable performance with powerful artistic expression!


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