Professional Firewalk Instructor Training

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Become a fully self-expressed personality! Become a Certified Firewalk Instructor!

With Soul of Firewalk 
you will choose:

–  empowerment through truth

–  responsibility through Fire

–  success through lived heart quality

–  expansion and personal developement beyond words

–  transformation and healing

The amazing Firewalk Instructor Training F.I.T.TM provides you with all necessary skills to perform your own firewalk events, on personal, private and corporate level.
As a certified Firewalk Instructor you support other people in overcoming obstacles and fears. In co-creation with the Fire as a teacher, you reduce the amount of fear in the world through transforming fear into positive action.
You will experience an enormous boost in your personal developement and growth while expanding your capacities and belief system far beyond words. As a student of the F.I.T.TM you will be able to manifest goals and serve humanity’s unlimited potential to create the intended life experience, as well to accompagny others to become self expressed people for the benefit of humankind!

The F.I.T. is an advanced and intense training to receive insights while learning about professional skills around firewalk, firebuilding and firewalk engineering. The training contains practical work, mental exercises, spiritual and physical challenges.

The  F.I.T.™ is the registered trademark of Firewalk Professionals worldwide since 1984. The expression was created by the founder of modern firewalk movement Tolly Burkan. Old Master Teacher Tolly Burkan trained people like Tony Robbins who became – through the firewalk process – a famous role model for human potential speakers worldwide.
Soul of Firewalk is honored and proud to pass on the knowledge in the direct line from Tolly Burkan, John Hawk Maisel and Rolf and Owsa Beckman who were among the first people who were trained by Tolly Burkan many years ago.


Juicy fresh and RENEWED program:

Soul of Firewalk is the inspiring expert if you choose to follow a path of exellence, professionality, out-of-the-box experiences and lots of fun!

Additional to 5 different firewalks – the famous 40 foot firewalk among others – and the usualy presented exercises like arrow snapping, board breaking, glass walking, rebar bending etc. we have enriched our unique Firewalk Instructor Training F.I.T.™ with such thrilling adventures like trance dance ritual and the 108 buddhistic Pearl of Firewalk! 

Get yourself inspired for a lifetime and enroll for one of the few limited seats!

In 5 intense days you will expand into the natural beauty of your potential to fully live and express yourself and share your talents with the world!
Soul of Firewalk works in small groups (8-20 p.) to ensure every student is supported and encouraged in his/her journey of self realization. We are happy to offer this inspiring training with dedicated passion to share our knowledge and serve global transformation through firewalk!
After your successful completion of the training you will get a Certificate as a Certified Firewalk Instructor by Master Teacher of International Firewalk Eva Meier Bear/Soul of Firewalk, through the Firewalk Master lineage of Tolly Burkan USA, Rolf and Owsa Beckman/Eight Directions Sweden and John Maisel/Eagle Hawk Center USA.

Language is english, if needed translation to German.

Kurssprache ist englisch, bei Bedarf wird in deutsch übersetzt.



 Firewalk Instructor Training F.I.T.TM 

Price per person: 1800.- CHF*

Earlybird: 1300.- CHF

*discounts might be available on request for couples, friends, repeaters or Firewalk Instructors from any school who like to refresh their skills and get new inspiration!

Price includes 5 days teaching, all activities, manual of the training, Certificate, firewood and all material needed in the training.

Price does not include any flights, food or lodging!

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