“Fire is in my life, my love, my passion and profession!”
Eva Meier Bear

I am originally born and grew up in the city of Zürich/Switzerland. I  lived and worked during 14 years in Algarve/Portugal. Since the end of 2013 I established a new living base in the heart of Europe: Switzerland!
Here I work again as nurse and Head of medical nursing in an elders care take home. As well I offer Systemic Patient Coaching and nature based processwork in my private Praxis Sonnenbär for people who struggle with chronicle or acute disease and seek for support.
The work with the Sacred Fires and Nature I will always carry on as this means for me serving the divine circle of creation.

In my life I travelled to some countries, near and far, to learn about a fascinating variety of landscapes, cultures, languages, people and customs.
Formerly trained not only as a nurse but as well as complementary therapist in bodywork, I am interested in the issues of health and healing, the natural cycles of birth-life-death-rebirth, and since very young felt a strong connection to the spiritual world. Due to the lack of answers to the many questions I had, I was drawn to a variety of cultural, medical and spiritual belief systems.

When I became a mother of 2 children in the late 80.s, life itself initiated me daily into new abilities and knowledge about womanhood and gave me the chance to integrate many life circles….as life goes on I am today a very happy, proud and grateful Grandmother.

Along my personal healing process and growing consciousness, many precious skills were added on my path. I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to study with great and wise teachers of different cultural backgrounds.

Since more than 25 years I joyfully walk and dance with passion on glowing coals and follow the call of the elemental force of Fire.

Firewalking enabled me to face and heal anger and fear. I learned to transform those obstacles into positive power. When I became a Firewalk Instructor in 2004, I understood to embrace firewalk as a skill to master blocked emotions, to cleanse mental and spiritual negativity, to heal physical disease, to go for my intended goals and create a life in balance with myself and aware of the creation around me.

With my partner Mike who is experienced in the civil construction area, as artist and craftsman, it was in 2008 when we started to investigate and refine professional Firewalk Engineering.

We performed firewalk events and firewalk engineering work around Europe for companies, trainings, festivals, friends, spiritual circles, celebrations etc, from a small crowd of people up to 600 persons.

It was in 2012, when I followed again that call of the fire spirit, that brought me to the amazing country Costa Rica for joining the unique Firewalk Mastertraining of Eight Directions (Sweden) and Eagle Heart Center (USA), direct Teacher line with Master Tolly Burkan, founder of the global modern firewalk movement.

At the foot of the active vulcano Turrialba, in the geografically called “ring of fire”, I confirmed to have become a Master Teacher of International Firewalk.

Firewalking Poem from Soul of Firewalk

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