Meeting with the Healing Bear Power   –   Workshop and Bear Ceremony

Saturday 21.04.2018, 10am – 7pm

In this workshop we approach to the many beautiful qualities and offerings of Bearmedicine. We drum, dance and rattle for Bearspirit. We share Bearstories and have a look on the medicine wheel regarding Bear Power. So we learn more about North Bear, South Bear, Spirit Bear and West Bear. Together in the ceremonial circle we connect and pray with Bearmedicine to receive healing, protection and personal power.
Workshop at Guesthouse OmAssim Ericeira/Portugal


Sweatlodge Keeper Training

22.04. (10am) – 26.04.2018 (2pm)
Sweatlodge Keeper Training in Portugal/Ericeira

For people who aim to become a servant and keeper of the sacred sweatlodge ceremony.
Special Price for portugues residents!

img_0567.jpg  11.3.(7pm) – 13.3.2016 (ca.2pm)   Algarve/Portugal

Dragon Sweatlodge

only for participants with experience in sweatlodging!

Construction and Celebration of a Dragon Sweatlodge
More info and booking: please contact directly Soul of Firewalk

 7. – 11.3.2016: Sweatlodge Keeper Training

Algarve, Portugal

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17. – 21.4.2016    Portugal (120 km north of Lisbon):
Firewalk Instructor Training  F.I.T.

with Certification! Soul of Firewalk creates Fire Professionals with passion and dedication. With more than 20 years experience in firewalk and firewalk engineering we teach you how to savely play with fire!

01.06.2015 (13:00) – 05.06.2015 (22:00)   

F.I.T.™ Firewalk Instructor Training in Switzerland

Sweatlodge Keeper Training 1.7. (7pm) – 6.7.2014 (1pm)
Sweatlodge Keeper Training in Switzerland
Firewalk Instructor Training 40 ft fire building Easter 2014: 17.4. (7pm) – 22.4.2014 (11pm)
F.I.T.™ Firewalk Instructor Training in Switzerland, Appenzeller Vorderland
International Fire Project Burn the Box from Firemasters Group Costa Rica 1. – 3. of November 2013
The Healing Heart Firewalk and Sacred Sweatlodge Ceremony
1 hour from Paris in beautiful Normandie, France
Play, explore, shamanize 1. – 4. of August 2013
Play, explore, shamanize! In Lisbon/Portugal
Rarely shown techniques for advanced shamanic practicioners to explore and playfully develop deeper your personal shamanic skills, experimental exercises, advanced drum journeys including the ritual of „the shooting“. Training takes place mainly inside.
Medicine Quest 18. – 24. of July 2013
Medicine Quest
Quinta Ciparros, North Portugal, near Parque natural de Geres
4 shields nature work in beautiful inspiring lush landscape! Wilderness mirroring, medicine walks, sweatlodge ceremony, 24 hours timeout, medicine name, ancestor circle …
Sweatlodge Picture from Keeper Training, Soul of Firewalk 28.4. – 2.5.2013
Sweatlodge Keeper Training in Tuscany / Italy
Ring Of Fire The Ring of Fire, firewalk Tour 2013

  • 23.2.2013: Algarve, Portugal
  • April 2013: Switzerland
  • May 2013: Tuscany, Italy

The celebration of the firewalk ritual “The Ring of Fire” is a highly transforming experience and a celebration of life! Regardless of (voluntary) walking and dancing on or beneath the coals, it is an experience of Oneness in the multi-diversity of the Sacred Circle of Creation!
The Ring of Fire touches and unites the core of many spiritual belief systems, in order to unfold inner peace, love, respect, healing, wisdom and joy.
For more information email us!

The path of nature healing and Sweatlodge Ceremony from Soul of Firewalk 23th – 30th of January 2013
The path of nature healing and Sweatlodge Ceremony in Algarve / Portugal
“Impulszeit zur Mandelblüte”
Private Group!
United Fires from Soul of Firewalk 21th of December 2012
“The Ring of Fire” – FIREWALK , a new firewalk ritual for a new area! Moncarapacho/Algarve, Casa Ursa  from 23.2.2013 
FIREWALK Tour in Europe “The Ring of Fire” 2013. More info about dates and locations (Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France) please
 Contact us!
Sweatlodge Picture from Keeper Training, Soul of Firewalk
5th of January 2013Sacred Sweatlodge Ceremony, women only, Moncarapacho/Algarve, Quinta Monte Canelas
Firewalk Instructor Training 40 ft fire building 26th – 29th of October 2012
F.I.T.™ Firewalk Instructor Training in Algarve / Portugal
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