4 Shields Work

A task without a vision is just a work
A vision without work remains a dream
A vision and a task can change the world

The Teachings of the 4 Shields: Return to the land of your soul

Four levels of apprenticeship
Basic workshop / Retreat / Medicinequest / Visionquest

The teachings of the 4 shields, known also as teachings of the 4 winds, or work with the medicinewheel, is an ancient shamanistic way of understanding how to live a respectful peaceful life with love and abundance, for us and for all fellow-beings. We also learn about our individual place in the Divine Web of Creation.  The 4 shields teachings are an eco-psychological way to understand our human nature in its complexity, simplicity, as well as the interaction of energy in the 4 shields with All Our Relations.

South shield f. ex. represents Body, West shield is known as the Soulmaking shield, North shield represents the quality of Mind, through East shield Spirit enters…..

Through the teachings of the shields we can learn to master all 4 shields and bring in balance the aspects of life that are disturbed. Instead of being a victim of circumstances, we create new stories for our lifes, which are the powerful seeds for our future. We remember who we truly are, we remember what we truly want for our life and how to express our talents/medicine. We understand in body-mind-soul-spirit that life is a circle of being born and reborn again.
The threshold that we need to pass when the winds of change come to our life and invites us to step into darkness for reflection and introspection, is acknowledged through rituals of passage and marks our growth and healing process. In connecting deeply with Mother Earth and her land, we deeply re-connect to the land of our soul, we return Home.
The teachings are encompassed by drumming, singing, sharing circles, fire, telling and listening to stories, rituals and a simple way of living in the tribe, close to the Earth, only with simple facilities and respect for the land where we walk in our beauty….and where we walk, the ground is holy….

Participants dont have to follow the levels in order of the number.
Everyone can take the decision which level fits best to his/her needs and process!

Level I and II : no pre-conditions

Level III and IV: write about your actual life process and why you intend to participate in the Medicinequest / Visionquest (ca. 1-2 A4 pages)
Your intention to experience Medicine- or Visionquest may change during preparation time and/or retreat, this is part of the process!

2 days, 6-10 participants

Teachings take place in Tipi and outside, basic introduction to the 4 shields teachings, exercises in nature, 1 medicinewalk, story telling, mirroring


Level II,     4 days, 6-12 participants       RETREAT

Teachings take place in nature and Tipi, profound exercises and teachings in all 4 shields, 3-4 medicinewalks, story telling, mirroring, art shield atelier, medicinewheel group work


Level III,     6 days, 6-12 participants         MEDICINE QUEST

More teachings to the 4 shields, deep work on your personal process, Sacred Sweatlodge Ceremony, 24 hrs Medicinequest/timeout alone fasting in wilderness, hunting your soul-medicine, story telling, mirroring, ancestors circle, medicine-name…


Level IV,      12 days, 6-12 participants      VISION QUEST

Sacred Sweatlodge Ceremony and 4 shields teachings as intense preparation for the Visionquest to the „Sacred Mountain“.  You go out in wilderness alone and fasting for  4  days and nights while praying/asking for a vision to be revealed, a pain or loss to be healed, a life circle to be end or begin… Returning to the tribe as a mythological hero with a story mirrored by the ancestors circle. Integrating exercises and teachings of how to transmit the wisdom and insights from the Sacred Journey of the hero to his/her people and bring the vision alive.

After ca. 8-12 months meeting of the heroes in the weekend „Back from the Sacred Mountain“.

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