We invite you to check our offers about professional firewalk trainings, wilderness retreats, firewalk art performances, workshops and individual sessions that serve the development of human potential.

We present a variety of approved skills, teachings and tools for personal growth, healing, truth, success and  empowerment, on the level of body mind soul and spirit.


Wünschen Sie Information in deutscher Sprache zu unseren Angeboten – Feuerlauf Instruktor Ausbildung, Schwitzhütten Leiter/Leiterin Ausbildung, Wildnis und Natur Arbeit, Kunst und Feuerlauf – zögern Sie nicht mit Soul of Firewalk direkt Kontakt aufzunehmen. 

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Soul of Firewalk knows about the unlimited human potential by own personal growth process since many years. We have witnessed countless people achieve their intended goals, receive healing and spiritual awareness and expand their belief system  through the amazing work with the Sacred Fires.

We  believe in the awareness of being active  and responsible co-creators within the universal powers. We understand life experience as an extra ordinary gift that is to be fulfilled  with each ones talent and uniqueness, for the benefit of all mankind and nature’s well-being. The experience of multi-diversity in Oneness.

We present Firewalk as an inspiring fusion of ancient and contemporary celebration! Walking on red hot glowing coals as a deeply transformational and healing process has been practised around the planet for thousands of years.

SOUL of FIREWALK works with true passion and dedication to make the firewalk experience a positive insight for everyones life!


Safety for participants, respect towards nature and uniting the diversity  of spiritual belief systems are keywords to us and followed in our events, trainings and performances. With more than 25 years experience in firewalk performance and firewalk engineering we know how to play safely with fire!




Coals and Fire


Burning olive wood

Flying fire eagel - Firewalk on art in Motion

Firewomen, Women's Fire

Firewalk Instructor Training (F.I.T.) 

The F.I.T.™ is the intense training for people who aim to conduct firewalk events on corporate or/and private level.
For others the F.I.T.™ is an unforgettable boost for personal growth and developing leadership skills while they learn more about fire and themselves.

Juicy fresh and RENEWED program:

Soul of Firewalk is the inspiring expert if you choose to follow a path of exellence, professionality, out-of-the-box experiences and lots of fun!

Additional to 5 different firewalks – incl. the famous 40 foot firewalk among others – and the usualy presented exercises like arrow snapping, board breaking, glass walking, rebar bending, drum journey, Soul of Firewalk has enriched the unique Firewalk Instructor Training F.I.T.™ with such thrilling adventures like ritual trance dance and the 108 buddhistic Pearl of Firewalk! 

Click here for Firewalk Instructor Training F.I.T.™


Firewalk on Art in Motion is an inspiring art-project born from working with the creative energy of the elemental force of fire and in permanent developement. Artist and firewalk engineers create an unforgettable interactive firewalk performance around a particular theme, for private or corporate groups, for Art Galleries, Festivals and county hall celebrations.

For more information about Firewalk on Art in Motion look here!


Firewomen – women’s fire:  a great empowering workshop for women only. Dare the exciting adventure to be a truly self expressed woman!

Find out more about firewomen-women’s fire here!

The Sacred Sweatlodge ceremonySacred Sweatlodge keeper training course

Professional Training for Keeper of Sweatlodge Ceremony

2020: exact dates and local still in process, asap new Infos

Purification – Healing – Renewal

Since thousands of years the ceremony of the Sacred Sweatlodge is celebrated throughout our world in all native communities where it is as well called Inipi, Temazcal, Sauna Sagrada etc. Every tribe or group has its own traditions and manners to hold this ceremony.

Always the Sweatlodge is a place of purification, liberation, dying and being reborn again through visions and prayers.

To walk the path of a Sweatlodge Keeper means to dedicate yourself in humbleness to a level of service for humankind through a spiritual path.

More information about the Sweatlodge Keeper Training here!


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